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Indications of a Mysterious Path

Indications of a Mysterious Path

A Personal Memoir

By Ronald Lutz

'Indications of a Mysterious Path' is a memoir written in a chronological format through the years 1947 to 2021. The autobiography is author remembrances of his life and activities juxtaposed with year-by-year current events.

Elusive Getaway

By Ronald Lutz

'Elusive Getaway' is a political crime suspense novel set in Australia. A corrupt politician hires a hitman to commit murder during an election year. His estranged son, fiance of the victim, becomes aware of the murder but is forced to leave the country on a yacht to ensure he remains silent. The yachtsman is married to an investigative reporter who, after the departure of the yacht, is alerted to the possible crime but has to deal with her husband's suspicions of her having an affair. Meanwhile, at a stopover on their voyage, the yachtsman becomes involved in an affair of his own.

Elusive Getaway
About the Author

About Ronald Lutz

Raised on a farm near his birthplace, Bucyrus, Ohio, Ron majored in accounting and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Kent State University, was conscripted by the Army, and managed a small manufacturing precision parts factory before being accepted to serve in the Peace Corps in Malaysia. Upon returning to the United States he secured a summer job at Yosemite National Park prior to relocating to San Diego and afterward worked two years for the city of Anaheim. A bipolar illness plagued him intermittently during this time until it was correctly diagnosed and treated when he returned to Ohio. He worked at The Ohio State University and later, while working for the State of Ohio, met a woman with whom he established a continuing relationship. Together, they have been able to travel to many places around the world.

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